We help organisations scale health solutions
Entrepreneurial Spirit | Design Thinking | Execution

What makes us different

We combine our ​​​​entrepreneurial spirit with a creative approach to business model innovation and excellence in go-to-market operations to bring your health solution to more people


Design Thinking

We go beyond research and innovation - to user adoption with sustainable business models that scale.


We are entrepreneurs at heart, with a passion for working hands-on to make a real world impact.

What we do well

  1. 1
    Business Model Innovation
    We help scale solutions by developing a sustainable business model for the long-term; refining your solution's user-centred value proposition, revenue source(s), go-to-market strategy, and a lean operating plan.
  2. 2
    Strategic Roadmaps & Action Plans
    Working with leadership teams and key stakeholders, we develop simple and effective strategic plans for scaling a portfolio of products, services and solutions for improving societal health.
  3. 3
    Strategic Program Management
    We facilitate the management of programs to ensure the execution, follow through and revitalization of long-term strategies for effective and efficient impact.
  4. 4
    Purpose & Vision
    Through our "Process Oriented Purpose" and "Wholehearted" Frameworks, we help our clients hone in on their fundamental values and motivations for clarifying a company's purpose and vision
  5. 5
    Vitality Programs
    With "Smoke-Free Companies" and "Wholehearted", we use innovative marketing approaches and frameworks to enable a workforce to do the best work of their lives.
  6. 6
    Growth Marketing
    Combining innovative marketing approaches with rapid experimentation, we apply our entrepreneurial practice within our portfolio to grow solutions effectively and efficiently.

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