We scale solutions for a healthy world

Ready for a daring perspective?


Imagine a world where healthy living is the norm – completely accessible and affordable for everyone. Imagine a world where global challenges, such as infectious and chronic diseases, hunger and access to clean water, no longer exist.

Our mission is to build a healthy and sustainable world; a world where people are thriving and living their best lives.


We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Moving beyond research and innovation, to user adoption with sustainable business models that scale. This is what we’re passionate about.


We scale solutions with daring leaders. It’s our day to day work.

We customize our approach for each specific case, starting right at the Orientation Meeting where we’ll clarify your challenge and propose how we might work together to address it. Then, we’ll engage in a series of Heartbeat Sessions, applying design and entrepreneurial thinking to develop impactful ideas and solutions. Finally, we Scale the Solution: equipping your team with a customized action plan, or leveraging our own capabilities in go-to-market operations to bring the solution to as many people as possible that can benefit.


Do you qualify?

Are you a daring leader looking to create positive impact?

Do you have a solution for a healthy world that needs to be scaled and adopted by more people?

Do you have a strategic or organizational challenge in building a sustainable business model?

If so, let’s set up an orientation meeting to take the next steps towards creating breakthrough change!

Heartbeat Ventures
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