Entrepreneurship for healthy living


Lifestyle-related chronic disease affects over a billion people and their families around the world, even though these are entirely preventable. Adequate levels of nutrition, physical activity, rest and a reduction of stress can virtually end this global epidemic. Positively influencing lifestyle choices is the biggest opportunity to increase healthy lifespan while at the same time, reducing the unsustainable economic burden on our healthcare systems. Increased annual productivity as a result of ending chronic disease by 2030 would free up almost $50 trillion of productivity globally. The value added to the quality of every human life however, would be priceless. 


We believe entrepreneurship is essential for bringing healthy living to more people.  Moving beyond research and innovation, to user adoption with sustainable business models that scale.  This is what we’re passionate about.


Scaling health solutions with daring leaders.  Our day to day work.
Solution-market fit
We ideate creatively to design a user-centered value proposition, go-to-market approach and an underlying operating model that can be tested in the market.
Sustainable business model
We deploy the solution in the market with a sustainable payer, making the operations as efficient as possible to realize at least a minimum viable profit.
Diligent execution
We execute relentlessly and with discipline by driving, tracking, and governing go-to-market operations to effectively scale the desired societal impact.

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