Realizing sustainable innovations to increase healthy life years.

More than 1 billion people on the planet suffer from some type of chronic disease, leading to 68% of all deaths annually. Most of these diseases, however, are driven by lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition (including tobacco and alcohol abuse), inadequate physical activity, lack of sleep and stress - and therefore, entirely preventable, even reversable.

Nevertheless, the (global) burden of chronic disease continues to rise at unprecedented rates, with lost GDP expected to exceed US$ 47 trillion by 2030. Traditional healthcare methods and systems are failing to tackle this global epidemic, and world economies can no longer afford the associated costs.

Heartbeat Ventures is on a mission to increase healthy life years, and end lifestyle-related chronic disease.

We work with a variety of stakeholders including governments, research organizations, multinationals and public-private partnerships focused on improving societal health & well-being.

Our team consists of people dedicated to the mission, bringing a strong track record in business model innovation and operations management, as well as subject matter expertise in specific health domains.

Together, we focus our resources on realizing sustainable innovations that keep people healthy and/or return people to full health (from the throes of chronic disease).

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Realizing a “Smoke Free” Generation of children.

29 April, 2016

More than 1 out of 7 deaths in the Netherlands is caused by Tobacco consumption, with smokers living on average 10 years less than their fellow citizens. Tobacco consumption has also clearly been linked to cancer, respiratory ailments, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiovascular and other preventable diseases.

Nevertheless, children are still frequently exposed to smoking and in some circumstances, it is still considered normal for children to start smoking.

Heartbeat Ventures is on a mission to increase healthy life years and along with Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij and 55 other organizations, is committed to the realization of a “Smoke Free” Generation of Children in the Netherlands.

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Rookvrije generatie



Adnan H. Mirza
Adnan was drawn to the field of health and well-being while honing his skills as a glider pilot, competing in world championships, and discovering the link between vitality and peak performance. He believes that health is a skill that can be learned, and not something that just happens to us. He has worked across five continents in the life science and high-technology sectors with a number of multinationals and early stage startups - on Business Strategy, Innovations, Sustainable Business Models, Portfolio Optimization, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Operating Company Turnarounds.
Hanna Somers
Hanna has an explorative mindset and loves to learn and master new challenges. Her hobbies have ranged from playing classical flute, singing in choirs, dancing and cross-country skiing to yoga. To top it all off, she also participated in international sailing competitions and placed 1st in the Finnish championships. Hanna brings a strong track record in Innovation, Operations and Program Management. At Heartbeat Ventures, she plays a leading role in leading and delivering impactful programs focused on health and vitality.
Remco Lassche
Remco is passionate about health and well-being and gets a lot of energy from combining his business background with the expert knowledge of healthcare professionals towards realizing true health innovations. During his career as a healthcare consultant, he's discovered that making a bigger impact on patients requires creating new paradigms beyond the bounds of the current system. He also loves to cook, cycle in the mountains, play guitar and do cold weather training. Remco brings a strong track record in Business Strategy, Operations and Program Management, Mergers, Health Policy and Innovation.
Boudewijn Hubert
Boudewijn believes that the Healthcare landscape is ripe for change, and brings solid business analysis skills to serve this purpose, with significant experience gained at blue chip consulting firms in the areas of program management, business case development and data analytics. Outside work, Boudewijn is also a top performer and competes regularly as one of the best amateur golfers in the Netherlands. He has also been selected and trained as a pilot with the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
Adriaan de Vries
Adriaan comes from a family of doctors, so a focus on health comes naturally to him. He is driven to effectively create impact, and enjoys motivating people through organizational change journeys. His strong analytical skills, combined with an ability to develop relationships in a short time help him build the critical link between strategic recommendations and bringing these to reality. Outside work, he loves to spend time with his family and playing sports (hockey, skiing, tennis).



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