Improving Quality of Life for Children with ADHD

Scaling the adoption of an evidence-based serious game through online channels, directly to parents.

Project Overview
Plan-It Commander is a computer game designed and proven to be effective for children with ADHD. While the game showed promise in a clinical trial for improving challenging behaviours (i.e. time management, planning/organizing, and social skills), the team experienced challenges when attempting to commercialize the game.

Action & Impact
Taking an entrepreneurial and online marketing approach, we developed and released a minimum viable online platform, engaged in beta testing with rounds of iterations, implemented a digital marketing campaign, and used lean startup principles to launch the product in the Netherlands. We are also providing ongoing technical and customer service support to ensure continuing customer satisfaction. With an efficient and effective go-to-market strategy, we were able to bring this eHealth solution to more children and families who could benefit the most. We are currently, exploring the opportunity to scale the game into English speaking markets.

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  1. Focus Areas
       > ADHD & Mental Health
       > Child Health
       > Behavioural Interventions

    Services Provided
       > Market Research

       > Go-to-Market Strategy
       > Digital Marketing
       > Product Management
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