Solutions for a Healthy World

We collaborate with daring leaders from a variety of organizations to scale solutions for a healthy world, with financially sustainable business models.
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Enabling Public-Private Collaboration to Reduce Chronic Diseases

Developing a sustainable business model for a triple-helix research collaboration

Realizing a Self-Sustaining Smoke-Free Intervention

A market based solution that will increase the number of non-smokers in a financially self-sustaining way

Ending Childhood Obesity in Urban Areas

Scale a lifestyle intervention across the Netherlands in a financially sustainable way

Effective Public Health Innovation

A cross-department innovation platform for a large Dutch city

Accelerating Health Entrepreneurship

Sharpening vision, strategy, and business models for sustainable impact

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Plan-It Commander: A Serious Game

Bringing to market an empirically tested video game designed for children with ADHD

Additional Projects

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