How we work

We help our clients bring high impact health solutions to more people.

With a team of experts from  public health, information technology, business strategy and operations, marketing 

deep understanding of our challenges, constraints, and potential opportunities, we integrate our entrepreneurial mindset
Whether it's developing user-centric solutions, innovating a business model, or business development 

Business Model Innovation

Public Health Strategy & Management

We help scale your health solution by developing a sustainable business model for the longer-term. We do so by creating and/or redefining your solution's user-centred value proposition, revenue source(s), go-to-market strategy, and a lean operating plan. 
We work with leadership teams to develop simple and effective strategies for scaling a portfolio of products, services and solutions to improve societal health.  We also facilitate the management of programs to ensure the execution, follow through and revitalization of these strategies for the long-term.

Public-Private Sector Engagement

Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

We manage your entire B2B pipeline, from lead generation and prospecting, to contract negotiations and client relationship management. We'll handle the account management side, so your organization can focus on delivering an impactful product/service for a healthier world.
We develop and execute direct-to-consumer marketing strategies, primarily through online channels. We can also help you implement Facebook and other social media sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, online stores - to bring your health solution to more people.   Click to learn more about how XBV (our online digital marketing agency) can help your team.

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