Ending Childhood Obesity in Cities

Scaling nationwide operations to deliver an evidence-based lifestyle intervention to parents children 7–13 years old

Project Overview
Heartbeat Ventures is working with a leading research institution in the Netherlands to help scale a lifestyle intervention across the Netherlands in a financially sustainable way. This intervention targets 7 to 13-year-old children (that are above a healthy weight) and their parents.

The intervention was transitioning from a subsidy-based funding to a market-based model. The change required a shift in ownership from the research institution to a suitable market party, which could manage the growing operations in a lean and effective way.

Action & Impact
Heartbeat Ventures started by engaging with the municipalities looking to deliver this intervention across their neighborhoods.  After understanding their needs and challenges, we developed a sustainable business model with a minimum viable profit objective. Delivery of the intervention was outsourced to the most suitable partner, with Heartbeat Ventures facilitating the collaborations and negotiations, and the contracts amongst the research organization, the new operator, and the intellectual property owner in the United Kingdom.
  1. Focus Areas 
       > Child Health
       > Childhood Obesity
       > Behavioural Interventions

    Services Provided
       > Market Research

       > Sustainable Business Model Development
       > Stakeholder Management
       > Contracts & Negotiations
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